The Island - Castaway

The Island - Castaway

Survive on a desert island and complete challenges in this entertaining game
3.9  (11 votes)

You are traveling in a boat through the ocean, but the ship wrecks and you and other people get trapped on a desert island. Now, your goal is to survive and help the other members to do so by giving them the element they need to take advantage of their unique abilities to help the whole group.

First, you will meet every member of the group. Each of them will ask you to find some element for him/her to perform a task. For example, you will meet a Native American who is very skillful, and you will need to find the ship's toolbox to build a fishing rod, and so on. Every time you complete a level, a new part of the island will open, thus giving you more opportunities to advance, but also more missions and problems to solve. Of course, all these tasks will consume your energy, so you will also need to find some fruit to eat.

It is an entertaining and fun game. Its graphics and sounds are rather decent, but not extraordinary. A really annoying feature I found is that the startup page is full of advertisements of other games. If you want to get rid of them and unlock other features, you will need to click on the Unlock button to open Windows store and pay a rather low fee.

In sum, if you like simulation and survival games, you may want to try this one.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It is a fun and entertaining game
  • It has good graphics and sounds


  • The startup page of the game is full of advertisements of other games
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